"My bra caught that board trick on that wave".
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by KrownPrince June 12, 2019
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A contraption which tightly grips your boobs and fixes them in place
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by Agaraga December 28, 2017
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garment worn both as an undergarment to support the breasts. This can also be worn as a top itself.
Her bra matches her red nail polish.
by Franci white December 09, 2007
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A girl who acts like a bro, but is obviously a girl. Has many variations such as a pushup bra (those who try to maintain their femininity) or a sports bra (those who don't mind being considered a guy sans the male genitialia).
Sydney F is a total sports bra ever since she took pe softball class so seriously.

Yeah, well Christine Con might work for the baseball team, but she is still a total push-up bra.
by Not Taken By Someone Else August 05, 2009
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a short hand form of the word "brother", Cape variation of the American "bro". Used most often by locals, gangsters and surfers
"Hoezit my bra, waar's jou cherrie ek se?" (tranlsation: "Hello Brother, where's your girlfriend I say?"
by jon monsoon November 01, 2007
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The last cloth barrier that restricts access to Heaven. Mmmmmmmm.
If I could get yor bra off I'd be in Heaven!
by Steven Braun September 24, 2007
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