the common man's form of kryptonite
unless experienced
good luck gettin that shit off
guy 1: fuck bro i couldnt get jackies bra off last night
guy 2:...you bitch
by the gibber November 30, 2006
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1. A female piece of clothing.
2. What some surfboarders (snow, and skate) refer to each other as friends.
What up bra, whatcha been up to?
by Sam_S. April 27, 2008
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an item of clothing that covers the woman's breasts.

it serves as the woman's top underwear.
every man wishes for the bra to come off. it never does. if it does, they freak out.
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by Me=Myself=I December 20, 2020
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1 A holder for a girls breasts, boobs or whatever you like to call them.
2 Bra in Swedish means good
1 Man, this bra is hurting, or I love when i take my bra off at home, best part of the day!

2 Vad bra att du äntligen är hemma.
That was Swedish if someone did know, it means; Good that you are finally home.
by Luxic May 19, 2016
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Over the shoulder bolder holder!!! For girls/women only unless a boy has something and is wanting to be a drag queen because of this!!
I have a bra on
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by Wolfie_Gamer_12 November 28, 2019
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The Swedish word for “good”.
“Yo Jacob, how are you today?”


“Bro what the fuck is wrong with you”

“Nah mate I just said “good” in Swedish”

“That’s not how you say good in Swedish you fuckwit

“How do you say it then, smartass?”

“It’s “gut””

“That’s German you dumbfuck, get your feckin’ languages right.”
by Flådig Man January 25, 2021
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