A girls version of the word bro. A best friend. Something that is always there for support. Even though they can be a little bit uncomfortable at times, life without them would be very difficult.
a. Bras before boys!
b. Ava... She's my bra. She is so supportive!
by snowtiger5 December 04, 2011
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over the shoulder boulder holders. boobie baskets.

and..a leash to keep my puppies taimed
nobody likes looking at your sagger tities. get an over the shoulder boulder holder! :D (bra)
by rikki&karlie January 01, 2009
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A female undergarment Garment, temporaly worn to hold my girlfriends boobs when im not around.
I am leaving, you can put your bra on now.

by Tony7427 May 11, 2008
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A device that cradles a woman's boobs. This piece of clothing is used to hold the boobs up from their natural somewhat droopy position (depending on how big they are) in order to
1: Keep em from looking like the old woman on jackass number two: Very saggy and looks like a sock with a tennis ball in it (look in a national geographic mag, ugh, of course they are women who never wore one in their whole life).
2: To help eliminate severe bouncing action when the female walks, runs, or dances. They can be quite cumbersome without one while running. Because big ones can hit the face! But the male seems to be entertained by watching this action due to their enthrallment of big, round, firm, and tanned Breasts.
"WOW MAN! look at the size of her boobs, their gonna bust that bra right in half the way she moves!"

"WOW! I Went from an "A" cup bra to a "36 C" cup bra, all in the 7th grade!"

"you motorboatin son of a bitch" -Vince Vaughn- (with no bra)
by Matt Perry January 27, 2007
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1. Another word for bro, or brother. Usually used when talking to a good friend or sibiling of the male sex. see brother

2. A holder for a womens boobs.
1. Whattup bra? hows it goin man??

2. Look at the boobs in that bra dude!!!
by alex h. October 04, 2005
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Somethin shit / crap / gay / pathetic.

originated from phone dictionary when txting 'crap' the word 'bras' comes up before you press the * button to change word. heh.
-your shoes are bras mate.
-that film was bras.
by Stan_Ez March 21, 2005
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An evil machine device which pushes up ones weapons of mass pleasure to a high level, encouraging you to take off the bra before they pop out and so you can touch em, but the evil thing prevents you from getting to the boobies in a hurry, so my advice, carry scissors to injure this evil foe.

baby evil mass destruction = bralette
Daveo- Last night i was stalking sarah and the blooming slut caught me so she took of 'er top and her boobies were gunna plonk out eny minute yer? and i wanted to touch em mate wanted to feel em up real good yerr? and so i tried ta undo the lil thingy-ma-jig and the kunt of a evil machine bra woudnt let me bludy basterd mate blurdy bastrd.
Jimbo - Aw no mate what a waste of good titties
by JimboCrimbo January 24, 2007
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