The road. The street.
Street racers use this word for coolness.
Lets do this thing, 2 large on the blacktop Yite!!!
by Jeff July 23, 2003
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Sparks plus. 7.0% ALC/VOL instead of 6.0% or 6.6%. Obvious because of their black tops instead of the normal orange.

The greatest drink ever, crack in can.
Damn they only have that nasty Tilt crap here, let's drive down the road to 7-11 and see if they have any blacktops.
by Jake June 17, 2006
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Biracial intercourse between an african-american and a caucasian idividual: non gender-specific. Usually describing the afro-superior position (i.e. african-american on top).
I'm fin to do me some blacktopping this weekend...
by billpay47 June 5, 2010
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1) extremely drunk or in anyway wasted
2) also synonomous with "fucked up"

can be used in a number of different contexts
1) Yooo what happend last night, i was sooo blacktopped

2) Dude, that chick is blacktop, you have a chance.
by Conseula III October 11, 2011
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A Blacktop Slurper can be someone who gives a blowjob to someone either during recess or P.E. But it also can be defined as pulling off to the side of the road and having your dick sucked.
"Hey Joey guess what happened at recess yesterday?"
"No way did you get a Blacktop Slurper!"
"Hell yeah I did Joey!"
"You are a legend man"
by Ricky Man Bobby June 16, 2017
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To get stabbed, shanked or to stab someone (mostly referred in prison).
Im about to dance on the blacktop.
That boy got danced on the blacktop.
by Dak4President January 19, 2017
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To get stabbed. To be shanked
Morgan about to dancing on the blacktop if she keeps her wook attitude up.
by Yoyoyofreshboi July 23, 2017
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