Neither 100% of this race nor 100% of that race. Basically the cause of much confusion when filling out application forms that require one to check a single box about their racial makeup.
A biracial (or multiracial) check box should be added to every application form - because this is the real world and very few people are 100% of any particular race (unless they inbreed - yuck!)
by Loxi July 20, 2009
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A person who is a genetic mix of two different races.

For more than two races see: triracial or multiracial.
Sally's mom is Asian and her dad is Hispanic, therefore she is biracial.
by whowhatnowhuh November 5, 2007
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Racial make-up consisting of a blending of two previously separate races, mainly white and black and called mulatto.
Captain Beauregard visited the slave cabins as often as possible to have sex with the slave wenches. He was the cause of all of the biracial (mulatto) children on the plantation.
by Richard Black March 20, 2005
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The same as Bobby but scary and powerful because unlike his normally white counterpart, he can say the n word
Bobby Is made in racially mixed households.

*his power multiplies if hes wearing black air force 1's*
Sharkeisha: I fear no man. But that thing... it scares me.

Jesus H. Christ Himself: Bobby Biracial is nothing to play with. Especially in them forces!!!
by cchancyy October 22, 2019
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Being of two mixed races, such as Black-Caucasian, Asian-Black, or Caucasian-Asian. Some notable Biracial Butterflies are Tyson Beckford (Jamaican-Chinese) and Jade Cole of America's Next Top Model (Black-White).
Kim: My skin is lighter than John's because I'm a biracial butterfly.
by Schoolboy21 February 6, 2010
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