the correct way to spell/say this word. often used as anyways through misbelief.
I don't like you anyway.
by Kevin February 8, 2004
used to dismiss a large amount of bullshit that someone has just said. first used by the legendary G Fahad of Illtown but has now spread to many parts of london and essex
Dom- "i is beh gangsta!"

Fahad 'G'- "ANYWAY!!!"
by calmfenners October 30, 2006
What can be used to forget a string of horrible words/general awful comment
Person 1: I rammed a dead baby into my anal cavity today, then popped the fucker out with a barium enema.
Person 2: Anyway... How's college working out for you?
by Crazycunthair November 22, 2007
1. A word used when someone is being spoken to, but either disagrees with what is being said or is very uninterested with the entire conversation.

2. Anyway = Go to Hell
Person 1: Uh-huh, Cyclops could totally kick Wolverine's ass!

Person 2: Anyway...


Person 1: So, I was at the department store yesterday, and I saw this awsome pair of shoes that would go so well with that new purse that I got last week...

Person 2: Anyway...


Person 1: OMG, my daddy just bought me a Lexus for my graduation present...

Person 2: *Sigh* Anyway...
by Robrandt July 13, 2006
A term used by complete and utter cunts. One of those ghastly American expressions that is becoming more and more common place. People who say this word also tend to say 'anywho' rather than 'anyhow', it winds me right up.
'Hey Brad how was your meal?'
'Great, the service was terrible, but anyways the meal was gorgeous'
by landscape November 29, 2006
A word used to end an awkward conversation.
"So I found my father's underpants in your bed this morning. Care to explain?"

"Okay, sorry if I find him kind of hot."


by daphgay May 17, 2010
Originally something said to transition from one topic to another, nowadays (and especially among some younger people) it seems to be used as a rather rude way of restricting one another's ability to speak their mind at all.
Person 1: Why did you steal my jacket?

Person 2: Because I can!

Person 1: How many times do I have to tell you not to touch my stuff unless you ask?!

Person 2: ANYWAYS...
by 120 day school year November 3, 2020