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the correct way to spell/say this word. often used as anyways through misbelief.
I don't like you anyway.
by Kevin February 07, 2004
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It's a word to change the topic, if your in a difficult situation just say anyways!
Girl: Why are you doing that?
Girl#2: Anyways... did you that-
by Weebqueen December 05, 2019
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A term used by complete and utter cunts. One of those ghastly American expressions that is becoming more and more common place. People who say this word also tend to say 'anywho' rather than 'anyhow', it winds me right up.
'Hey Brad how was your meal?'
'Great, the service was terrible, but anyways the meal was gorgeous'
by landscape November 29, 2006
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A word used to end an awkward conversation.
"So I found my father's underpants in your bed this morning. Care to explain?"

"Okay, sorry if I find him kind of hot."


by daphgay May 16, 2010
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Annoying misuse of the word 'anyway." Probably part of the language now, just to annoy curmudgeons like me.
So, she's all "Anyways, let's go shopping at Target! "
by octopod May 30, 2004
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Like when someones is pissing you off and you wanna throw shade or like when you make a point and you wanna throw shade. Like you get it, ok anyways
*shant being fake*
Me: anyways
by Moneyyyyyyy August 19, 2018
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used to dismiss a large amount of bullshit that someone has just said. first used by the legendary G Fahad of Illtown but has now spread to many parts of london and essex
Dom- "i is beh gangsta!"

Fahad 'G'- "ANYWAY!!!"
by calmfenners October 30, 2006
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