an interrogative contraction of "are you alright?" or "y'aite?"

Term coined on 11/28/07
Dude 1: Ow that hurt!

Dude 2: Yite dude?
by Jim Dobbin November 28, 2007
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Yite means something is terrible, visually unappealing or even abominable.
That new Yung Thug tune is so yite

Cricket is so yite

I have work until 10pm, it's really yite
by SwagLord II November 19, 2016
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said when someone you know has said or done something disgraceful and needs their head kicking in for it
Mike: "I got off with Amy Shermer"
Daz : "YITE!"
by Dazryl October 07, 2007
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