shanked, shank.

orgin: prison slang

shanked: to be stabbed with a homemade knife.

made out of scrap of metal found anywhere and sharpend like a knife. and bottom tightly wrapped with a cloth as a handle.
"CrookedEye John" got shanked up..

I heard he got hit with a rusty shank.
by Lec2 February 9, 2003
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Originally prison slang(as we know) for being stabbed by a crude improvised weapon. In area's like London(East london, North, West and South) It simply means stabbed-The word is used popularly by gangsters and delinquents.
Ill shank you bruv
Look yeah, duck out or ill shank you
You wanna get shanked?
Safe then ill shank you.
by Ninpo-Bugei July 28, 2006
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prison slang for getting stabbed with a home made knife repeadedly and swiftly
"you better gimmie dat cornbread son, or you finna get shanked!" said inmate dontrelle to his cellmate
by max powell April 21, 2005
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to pull one's pants down embarrisingly and unexpedly
My friend, Caroline got shanked by Cole at the soccer game.
by Caroline's BF October 30, 2005
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To hit a golf ball off the hozel of the club making it go almost directly to the right if you are a righty, or left if you are lefty.
Golfer 1-"Nice hozel rocket big guy!"

Golfer 2-"Whatever I've only shanked it once in my career."
by J-Dot January 16, 2006
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To get raped from someone you have met on the internet.
I met John on the internet and he shanked me.
by Palmy November 7, 2006
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1.A meaning to mess up.

2. "That sucked!"
You got Five F's on your report card, you just shanked your life.
by Fayt8 February 26, 2005
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