Morgan is the love of my life and probably the love of your life too. She's the most intelligent and hard working human being and that's why she succeeds at everything she does. She has the best and quickest imagination and makes the funniest jokes. Morgan is the kind of beautiful that addicts you and infects you and inspires you to be the best version of yourself. She encapsulates so many superlatives: the most beautiful, smart, kind and funny girl on earth at any point in time.
Morgan is my bae.
by Spanky McDonald November 21, 2016
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Morgan is the girl of your DREAMS! The one that is absolutely gorgeous! The one that can make you smile on your worst day! Someone you want to be around forever. If your dating a Morgan, your damn lucky! If you ARE a Morgan, then just take a second to realize how great you are, and how much the people around you appreciate you.
You:"Holy Shit is That Morgan? She is WAY hotter then everyone says she is"
Morgan: "Who are you talkin bout"
You: Ummmm.... No one, hey are you available this afternoon?"
by BowlovNoodles December 31, 2016
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a person that is broken inside but keeps it in because she does not want people to see her pain, or keeps everyting in when dealing with other peoples problems.
BOY: hey Morgan are you ok?
MORGAN: Yes, why do you ask

MORGANS MIND: No, please help me ... PLEASE
by Someone that knows September 10, 2017
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Morgan is the best. She has the most wonderful eyes that I would die for and her hair is so long. She Is always there for me and I couldn't live without her. Nobody messes with her cause I guess she's 'rocky balboa'. She constantly asks if I'm okay and hates when I don't answer her cause she thinks I've fell out with her. She always sticks up for me even though I don't want her to. Deep inside she has a sensitive side that nobody sees but I know it's there.
by Nobody will know February 22, 2015
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A /UNISEX/ name. As a man named Morgan, I find it a bit irritating that most people think it's a girls name.

That said, it is kind of cool to have a street, horse, car, and pirate with my name. Also, Morgan Freeman is F*cking awesome.

Google the meaning of it, too much to cover here.

I was told it was welsh in origin and means 'from the sea' or 'by the sea'
Idk if it's a coincidence that I happen to really like being in the water.
by Neverreallylikedmyname July 13, 2012
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A guy who is really annoyed at everyone thinking Morgan is just a girl's name.
Friend: "Hey have you met Morgan?"
Other Friend: "No, what's she like?"
Friend: "Actually it's a he."
by Morgan the Man January 6, 2015
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Morgan’s are smart and sexy. But always doubt themselves. They are insecure and normally have depression when they are being teased, ignored, or in a fight with someone close. They are very active and athletic. But don’t see themselves as beautiful or intelligent. They are very creative and are good at learning new languages. They often refer to themselves as stupid or ugly. They are very toned and there inside is just as beautiful as the outside. They have a brilliant personality. They have a sensitive side that is hidden deep inside. And deal with a lot of shit from other people. They tend to have higher professions like doctors. They are also very happy to serve their country. They have blue eyes and brown hair. But they are very mysterious and tend to change their hair colors and styles. When they are young they tend to be shy around new people until they get to know them. They don’t like to brag and are very kind always willing to five a helping hand. She always has a smile on her face and if she doesn’t there is something wrong. They are the best friends you could ask for. If you don’t have a Morgan you should get one.
Boy 1: That girl is so hot!
Boy 2: She must be a Morgan
by Hockeyplayer27 March 3, 2018
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