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Associated with the fact that people tend to jack bic lighters

Biced is when your bic just got BUCKED

"Aw shit mothafucka that boy biced me!"
by Wyatt K. May 14, 2008
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Any of the following

Getting screwed
getting ripped off
getting the shaft
being fucked over

Term originated from the supposed upset when singer Bo Bice (thought to be the favorite) lost on American Idol.
Example 1 -

Brian : I went to get my car fixed they overcharged me big time. I paid five grand for used transmission..

Kevin : Man you got biced.

Example 2 -

Tony : When Vito slid into home plate he was definitely safe.

Georgio: Seriously.

Tony : That umpire biced the shit out of us.
by Don the Jeweler July 12, 2006
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