The art or arts of not having something such as, car, pants, unibrow, diarrhea, blow dart gun, etc, etc.
- did you get halo 3 yet?
-Nope don't have it...
by tater-man July 24, 2008
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When someone cannot find something and you ask them why they cannot find it. (Phrased after miss south carolina, 2007)
Guy on phone: why is this pizza only 40% covered with cheese? Where is the other 60%?

Miss South Carolina: They don't have maps
by hung up October 16, 2007
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See have a cow. "Don't have a cow" is a trademark expression for the TV series' favorite son, Bart Simpson. Bart is the typical problem child who is always testing the authority figures in his life. In contrast is the good child, Lisa Simpson, who is never a challenge to her elders -- and often fades into the woodwork because of it.
Lisa started to freak out when Bart took the bottle of rum from the cabinet, poured one cup out, then filled the bottle back up with water. Bart socked Lisa in the arm and said, "Don't have a cow!"
by MsLi January 29, 2006
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when someone asks you a question or sends you a bullitin on myspace about what is your favorite color, song, food, species of bird... etc... and you don't have one.
Myspace Bullitin: What is your favorite color?

Person: Umm, don't have one. O.k. give me a break already it's just a stupid survey.
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When you have absolutely no idea at all; clueless.
Person A: "yo u know how to solve that 1 question on the homework?"

Person B: "i'll have a look" "nah mate i don't have a scoobie"
by AMT_ May 16, 2022
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A fat cow "If we don't have it..."

Hym "Yeah, I'm gonna stop you right there. You're taking that out of context and you're either doing it deliberately because you're a bitch or you're doing it unintentionally because you're an retard. So... Which is it? Bitch or retard? Retarded bitch? It's probably both. You're probably a retarded bitch. This is exactly why the misogyny. You're doing that to yourself at this point."
by Hym Iam August 26, 2023
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Him: i will tell your dad what u did.
Her: i don't care. You don't have a leg to stand on.
Him: oh! Fuck you!
by JonSnowKnows June 2, 2020
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