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Abbreviation of "fixing to". Normally means "going to".
I'm finna go da' sto!
by TimmyT June 09, 2003
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Finna means gonna. It can also be viewed as a typo for gonna on the keyboard.
Damn, finna get me a blanket 'cause it's colder than Gucci, BURR!
by Laylurr December 16, 2010
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An overused ghetto term that has completely lost its meaning of "going to," and can now be used in any sentence in almost any way.
Brady: "That movie was finna swag"
Michelle "What? That doesn't make any sense"
Brady: "You finna shut yo ugly ass up and finna swerve bitch"
Michelle: "..."
by rockrchick56 May 16, 2013
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Used by anyone who speaks like they have less than a 2nd grade education (ghetto trash) to say "going to." You use "finna" in place of "going to" if you are: ghetto trash, lazy, a hood rat, a dumbass, or (most commonly) all four. "Finna" has been adopted into the language of ebonics.
Ghetto bitch: "I'm finna come over there and whoop yo ass!"

Me: "Is that supposed to be threatening? Please speak English and then maybe I'll be scared, you uneducated fuck."
by WantsToEatOutSaraChong October 06, 2017
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Ebonics word that is supposedly a contraction of the words "fixing to". Can also mean "going to".
The girl who was making gastrointestinal noises at Nicolet's Congress said, "I finna get my nails done."

When the teacher asked the student who was wandering the halls where he was going, he replied, "I finna go to the bathroom."
by OrangeXenon54 February 28, 2006
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