something you say when something bad happens
by ac March 15, 2004
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When something good, bad, or stupid happens

When use in the stupid version it might take a little while

When use in the happy version it shows and comes fast

When use in a bad mood it is hard to see at first and it will be the other person who says aw shit
Person 1 - I got a rise

Person 2 - good job

Person 1 - Aw shit now my place will be lit af
by Dr.Snake53 July 26, 2017
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Normally used when running away from a bad situation. A harsher version of "Oh No!" or "Aw Man!"
Tyrone: "Dude isn't that your Ex?"
Jerome: "AW SHIT!" *dashes away*
by JaCETHXIII September 8, 2010
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What you say when all your friends have betrayed you and have said that you could be hurt by a horrible fake Australian criminal
Person 1: Which two of you are Ashley and Jessica?
Person 2: Aw shit.
by DI Barbara de Bologna May 19, 2018
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n. A military term for a reprimand or ass-chewing.
All it takes is one "aw shit" to wipe out a career of "atta boys".
by Harry Flashman June 28, 2003
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nuh-uh, no she di-int!
(wesley snipes steps into fashionable LA hotspot in his Too Wong Foo costume) Shaniqua says: Aw shit
laDonna says: HMM hmmm!
by AMichael November 15, 2003
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A video meme that consists of a man jumping up and down/side to side shouting "AW SHIT, A RAT!!!" and consistantly trying to kill it
Use "AW SHIT, A RAT!!!" whenever you want
by NeonKiwi July 30, 2019
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