see family guy season 2 episode 20
i spent so much money on getting ripped last night i think i bought 12 bottles of jack daniels
by thefreund July 26, 2014
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The act of and/or decision to smoke pot.
Guy 1: dude I'm really craving a fat blunt of dank right now.

Guy 2: but we have class in 15 minutes, bruh.
Guy 1: fuck it, let's just get ripped
Guy 2: word.
by BigCheek May 29, 2015
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Smoking weed in an attempt to get as high or 'ripped' as humanly possible.

Choofing your balls off with no regard for one's own safety or physical or mental well-being
Anf: "Yo, Did you wanna have a choof tonight?"

Mat: "I'm hangin' for a choof.
Let's get ripped or die tryin'"
by MatParker March 14, 2011
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Schools in the Uk all singing this song as well as saying “sheeeeeesh” during interval lessons/ in general at every moment. The whole of the Uk schools has it stuck in their heads.
One person: I’m getting ripped tonight

Other person: R.I.P that p**** (Ayy)
rest of class: I'm goin' in tonight
by xoxo you know you love me April 24, 2021
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Get ripped or die tryin simple means to get a good workout going. Refers to Scottsdale thugs working out hardcore. Get ripped or die tryin is a ripoff of 50 Cent's movie "Get Rich or Die Tryin".
Drew: "Yo bust out this last set!"
Mitchell: "Fuck yeah, get ripped or die tryin!"
by Mdrizzle October 17, 2009
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1. a thing you say when you are referring to a popular tik tok sound to annoy the ppl around you constantly.

2. a very catchy phrase that cool and swag people say
Gabi: im getting ripped tonight
kayal: RIP that ___ ayyyy
czar:yall worry me sometimes
by john adams liked apples April 29, 2021
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