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Kebab is slang for a Muslim Person and or Extreme Muslim peoples.

It originated from 'God is a Serb' youtube video which later transformed into the Remove Kebab meme, a video filmed during the Serbian-Bosnian war where many muslims fought against Serbs..

Kebab is widly regarded to be slang for Turks and Bosnians but can be expanded to any Muslim country which eat the kebab (i.e. Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Qatar, UAE, Iran, etc)
Serb Soilder : I can see a bosnian muslim in my sniper scope, what shall i do Novislav?
Novi Slav : Remove Kebab!
Serb Soilder: Shoots kebab through head
by SovietSpaghetti August 24, 2016
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Verb 1: to overuse, overplay, destroy, crush, ruin, deface

Verb 2: to loosen/wreck a girl's pussy as a result of hardcore sex/fucking/smashing
1. I've really kebabbed that song, Seek Bromance

2. He must really kebab her especially as they've been spending a lot of time alone recently.
by captainmeat December 24, 2011
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1. Obscure meat product in pitta bread, accompanied by salad and chilli

2. Female Genitalia


Staple diet of pissheads
by Ron May 17, 2003
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It is a food originated in the Middle East and South Asia consisting primarily of roasted meat. Kebab is also available in many other parts of the world. Due to its place of origin, the word also takes on a derogative meaning of "Muslim" in general.
You can find kebabs (Muslims) selling kebabs (food) in the alley near the mall.
by Another, another Asian January 18, 2015
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A delicacy, especially on the way back from the pub.
Mweerrr!! I'm pissed man... time for a kebab!
by stray December 09, 2003
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Sliced Lamb or Chicken with salad and garlic sauce inside turkish bread. Often confused with the vastly inferior Souvalaki.

"Lets get a souva, nah they suck wang, Kebabs are the way of the future"
by Kebab freak January 19, 2006
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Often encountered after consuming considerable amounts of alcohol after a night out on town.
"damn, I could really go for a kebab right now!"

"Kheebaaab! Me whanth khebab!"

"There is something funny about this kebab"

"Hey dude, what's that white stuff coming from your kebab?"
by Alexander May 31, 2004
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