What Tom Green puts his bum on.
"My bum is on the Sweeeeeeeeeeedish."
by Marcus Intalex May 17, 2003
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a really really atractive group of people. from the country of sweden, or of swedish heritage. really really good-looking, and very good friends. every boy wants a swedish girl, (but why cant you just leave her alone). they make good friends and look like models. every single one of them.
oh those swedes crack me up, i hope i can marry one some day

wow, she looks like a model, she must be swedish.
by hoobabooba May 4, 2005
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A language so awesome that the swedish word for "good" is the same as the english word for bra(brassière).
"It is good" is "Det är bra" in swedish.
by BigBallOfPinkFluff December 1, 2009
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A person from Sweden. They have blonde hair blue eyes and are huge! Even the women are like 6" plus, and are usually hot! The men seem to have alot of upper body strength, this is to stop the foriegn men from having at there women.
African American "hey sexy blonde girl arent you tall and attractive, i bet your swedish, you get me!"

Swedish Girl "Jah i'm Swedish, you wanna buy me a drink!?"

Swedish Guy "Not going to happen! walk away puny man! before i must break you!"

by Tango169 August 14, 2006
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the coolest people ever. dont ask why, we just are.
im swedish. my dad is part swedish.
by aswede May 28, 2007
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1. The language swedes speak.
2. Kind of Sweet

Origins: Sweet-ish=swedish
1. I couldn't understand them. They were speaking swedish.
2. That movie was swedish.
by jerrythecow March 21, 2006
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used to describe an object or event that was hot, happening, sexy, (or three all combined)
that night was swedish
swedish! (to mean sounds good)
we were so swedish last game
by phil October 29, 2004
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