A mid-semester quzi report card that results in 1) watching a movie in class while the teacher fills them out and 2) being harped upon and/or threatened by parents to improve grades before the "real" report cards are issued.
"Your interim grades are awful. You'd better buckle down."
by Mary March 20, 2005
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Pursuit towards the mural happiness of our kindred souls.

Illimitable possibilities as companions towards our journeys of discovery's.
Never-ending promise to cherish and love you for all that you are and will be.
Ohana with you forever, oh captain of my calm, together we conquer.

Panegyric words from you fill my soul with all the nourishment it needs.

Radical incidents prove our soul tie worthy, dishonour those who intervene.
Eccentric tendencies dare not hide between soulmates, we're safe here.
Journeymen United in our wandering, champions of Anam Cara.
Ebullient feelings within our mirrored souls ignite our passion.
Certain of our real wanting, I chase your safety, your freedom, as I am not til we.
Tt our bond greater than most, those who get bitten bite, those who don't give up rewarded

Submit to me, as I submit to you, I've seen you beg, apologise, and adore; I've seen you for you and I want more.

Dauntless pragma lovers, battle ready, to defend each other and continue their story.
Valu wildfires that flare in balanced configuration with the grace of koi mating

Outrageous initiation tales determine our biorhythm as our Love adventures strong with every audacity.
Although I'm glad it's available for those who need it, in my case, this interim disorder has caused havoc and ruined my life.
by S.W.A.L.K.J.F.P.J.P. October 13, 2023
An interim boyfriend is a man who becomes very close to a woman, but is not quite the dream boyfriend she has in mind. She may let her guard down and even begin to love you, but because of the dream man in her head, and the fact that you're not it, it just isn't going to happen. Be ready for a world of hurt when she finally finds her dream guy.
"After she met her dream man, I realized that I was only an interim boyfriend. I feel like a total tool for thinking this could go anywhere."
by riverlover May 5, 2010
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An interim girlfriend is an acting, associate or "kind of" girlfriend, until better a better girl comes along, or in some cases, the guy and girl will become full "boyfriend and girlfriend."

Or it can be referred to as a girl who isn't a guy's girlfriend but acts like it.
My interim girlfriend acts just like a 100% girlfriend, and she even does my laundry.
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Interim Friends, they're the people with who you immediately become acquainted when you're in a new setting, such as a new school or place of work, but then once you settle yourself in, you naturally drift apart.

They're the people you start talking to because you don't know anyone else, and they're nearby.

You probably don't have a lot in common, but you find it easy enough to make general social chat with them.

You're "friends" with them so you won't be by yourself, whilst at the same time you're scouting to find a friend group with which you share more interests.

An Interim friend can be almost anyone, sometimes they might just be one person who you sort of know and talk to, they could be a group of people.

Maybe you and your interim friend are finding it harder and harder to talk to each other, and you've drifted apart. You've been there for a month now, and already you and your interim friend see are moving in different directions, towards different groups

Maybe the Interim friend group has more in common with each other, and they stick together, whilst you find yourself the outsider, in which case you naturally move to find people who "get you".
John: Hey, what's Joe up to these days, you used to be friends?
Jack: Oh, I was never really that close with Joe, he was more of an interim friend
John: Interim friend? What does that mean?
Jack: I hung out with him when I first joined because I didn't know anyone else here. Now that I'm friends with you and our friend group, I stopped talking to him
John: That's a good term to use, Interim Friends
by ScenicAutumn271 April 29, 2021
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