A slang term popular in the garden route area of South Africa. While this word has no meaning, any noun can be replaced with it, this results in the sentence loosing all of it's meaning and becoming a verbal shitpost. Bice can also be exclaimed on it's own for pure comedic effect.
Oke 1: "Im finna eat yo Bice mane!"
Oke 2: Dies laughing
by Lizard_cunt August 23, 2018
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The process of being in the company with a boss when you yourself is a boss also.
Damn Steve and Jonathan just whooped all 8 of those dudes in beer pong" "Bice!!
by baucex2 June 21, 2011
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To be bitchy and nice at the same time.

To make statements that could be considered both nice and bitchy.
"I was being "Bice" when i invited her to lunch. I can't stand her"

"Your tone was very "Bice" just now."
by kcas1109 August 7, 2014
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A close male friend that could be interchangeably used with "bro" or "brother." Only used to signify the very best of friends who's stature is comparable to a family member.
You're my Bice for life!
We are the best of Bice.
by ltwhiteagle January 3, 2012
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My sister came out as a bice on Tuesday, I can’t believe she’s bisexual!
by Njmpc May 10, 2020
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BICing is the act of pocketing ones Bic lighters without them knowing it or realizing they don't have it.

The only rule of the game is if the owner asks if you have their lighter and say the right color then you must give it back to them.
Alex is an asshole, he keeps BICing all my lighters and now I can't smoke.
by Trippin Hippie November 20, 2014
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Associated with the fact that people tend to jack bic lighters

Biced is when your bic just got BUCKED

"Aw shit mothafucka that boy biced me!"
by Wyatt K. May 15, 2008
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