Short for "badger" which is a variation on "beaver", in short meaning pussy or vagina.
JC: "The other thing is...800,000 pounds."

RH: "That is quite a lot. "

JC: "But with would get a lot of badge."

RH: "Badge? Oh! No no no...hahahaha."

JC: "I think I almost got away with that."

-Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond on the Lamborghini Reventon
by VooDooXII November 7, 2007
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The visible brown mark that is left on the outside of the trousers after an unexpected but satisfactory shart
Pass me a tissue chief, I've only gone and badged myself again!
by 2-toneStallone June 18, 2009
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An adornment usually in the form of a brooch-like ornament worn on the clothes. It also may refer to items such as a police officers badge of office which may be carried in the form of identification, and worn sewn on to the clothes.

Badge is also slang for a 'vagina'
The police officer polished her badge and remembered the time that strange guy at a party had whispered into her ear asking if she wanted him to give her badge a good licking. How did he know she was a cop?, she wondered. Hadnt he looked kinda strange when she took her wallet out and showed him the badge?

Dave wondered if the girl serving behind the bar would go for it if he asked whether he could bash her badge with his tallywhacker

by the goblin teasmaid December 4, 2007
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Contrary to some beliefs, badge is not a secondary word for Vagina, but instead, the anus. It's shortened from 'rusty sheriffs badge'.
'Oi, John, check out the badge on that. Badge, John, Badge'
by Badgeman October 24, 2006
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Adjective to describe something unsatisfactory, bad or just down right shit.
For the more extreme shitness, see biadge

Origin: East London

Person 1: What did u think of that film?
Person 2: Badge.

That shirt is badge.
by Chappelle3000 April 27, 2006
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1. overstated style via clothes and/or accessories.
2. wearing one's ideology on their sleeve.
Nice MC5 shirt... BADGE!
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variation of vag which is short for vagina. commonly used when it is socially unecceptable to say vag or vagina.
Brian: dude this girl showed me her badge last night man!
charlie: no way man thats awesome!
kelsey: what the hell are you guys talking about?
by qeace January 14, 2010
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