A small cute hamster, which weirdly has 9 more lives than cat and can drive really fast cars.
Me: Hey, did you crash your car yesterday?
My Friend: Yes, I went full Richard Hammond yesterday.
by Drunk Stig May 20, 2018
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Richard Hammond, verb, to massively crash
I got my first car, hope I don't pull a Richard Hammond
by Nabroleon April 15, 2017
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The presenter on The Grand Tour and formerly Top Gear who is known for his short temper and height, love of American cars and uncanny ability to crash cars frequently while still staying alive.
The laws of physics never compromise. Except for with Keith Richards and Richard Hammond.
by Hot.rodz March 2, 2019
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The shortest presenter currently on Top Gear, Hammond nearly killed himself in the unspoken of crash in 2006, driving a car called The Vampire at around 300mph.

Hammond's nickname is 'Hamster'.

He has also presented other tv shows, such as Richard Hammond's Blast Lab for children, which was televised on BBC & CBBC.

2.) Possibly the best looking guy over 40.
Normal Dude: Hey, do you watch Top Gear?

Awesome Person: yeah omg have you seen Richard Hammond he's amazing & James May is an idiot he falls off stuff & Clarkson is so OBNOXIOUS you know what I mean? I LOVE Top Gear! Its like the best TV show ever what do you think?!?

Normal Dude: Meh...
<walks off>

Awesome Person: Well that was a wasted conversation... :(
by BadAssGirl December 30, 2014
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The short guy on BBC Top Gear who is most famous for nearly killing himself by crashing a 300mph jet car in 2006, the latest in several "life threatening" situations he has been put in - including being struck by lightning and "drowned" in a car.

The short one with the mullet, and the guy who loves blowing up caravans. Also hosted "Brainiac - Science abuse"

Is commonly known as "Hamster"

Rediscovered his motor abilities after brain damage by playing with Lego

Also apparently has "not had his teeth done"
Richard Hammond's quotes

"I have not had my teeth done"

"I am a Driving God!"
by RayzorSharp October 19, 2007
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