the best person to exist, you will be happy to be friends with him. better than arissa and jassie and everyone else, he will beat u in everying.
omg look at that guy, hes such a WONDERED
by wondered December 14, 2018
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someone or something so beautiful and perfect that you can't believe how lucky you are
wow. caleb really is wonderful!
by May_ray July 25, 2004
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when someone wish to know something
I wonder who is she /I'd like to know who is she or I feel like who is she

i wonder what they are doing/I'd like to know what they are doing or I feel like what they are doing
by surf board August 14, 2010
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Being under the influence and/or heavily feeling the effects of three separate substances
"Oh man after taking my pain meds, drinking, and smoking that herb I have a serious case of The Wonderfuls
by Dylan9898 September 13, 2012
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Someone who inspires delight, pleasure, or admiration; who is marvelous. Someone who was created in a special manner. Someone who is like no other.
Desarae Diedrich is the most wonderful woman on this planet.
by USA24 August 3, 2015
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A word to say that everything in your life is going great and you're totally happy.
by Maya January 19, 2005
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