Best part of London. Has Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and Westfield. Also has the baitest people.
Person 1- where’s your ends at?
Person 2: South London hbu?
Person 1: man said south 🤮
Person 1: East London still
by you my chickfila December 2, 2019
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This part of London is also very dangerous, best to know where you're going or expect to see a tall guy in a nike tech splash acid in your face. And dont be suprised if you see some nitty giving head in the public toilets
P1-Do you wanna go east london?
P2-LMAOO you think I wanna get my face burnt off?
by borisisapussio July 6, 2020
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The most ghetto and ratchet part of London. Girls in East London are known for having sexual relations in public toilets. Most people from east get turned pack.
eg: did you hear about jazz the girl who got blown out in stratford toilets, east london girls are skunked
by xsvbn May 11, 2020
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East London is the horrible place of plague and rats. It’s no life for an old crone in East Landan and walking down the dirty old rat ridden streets you can smell the plagued air and feces which rains from the smashed windows above.
The rules don’t apply, not in east london

The rich with their hats and the poor with the rats in east london
by trotclopper January 2, 2022
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When one head-butts a person, with the intention of breaking their nose.
"Man, I sent that guy to the hospital."

"What did you do?"

"He was askin' for it, so I gave him the old East London Kiss."
by Yankees Guru August 2, 2009
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