A term used in forums and image boards to refer to people who get into an anime, video game etc. by secondary means (typically through a sequel or spinoff) and completely ignore the respective originals and source materials , resulting in a skewed understanding of background lore. More often than not being a secondary is very easy to correct but people refuse to do so out of laziness, so they are rightfully shunned. The term is commonly used among touhou and type-moon fans, and by many fans of visual novels with poor or inferior anime adaptations.
Dan is a huge fan of Gundam Unicorn, but hasn't even seen the original Mobile Suit Gundam. He's such a filthy fucking secondary.
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A woman or man that an individual has on the side for sex. Not the main thang, but a "secondary"
Yo bitch, get off my tip, you just a secondary ho.
by nyc nice February 4, 2007
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the second match used to light a bowl
yoo pass up the secondary
by harrison berg August 13, 2005
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Fgo players who say that they doesn't have time to read the VN but farms all day to get 100 boxes lmao
Filthy secondaries
Shut up secondary
Tsukihime anime remake? You can't remake something that doesn't exist, secondary
by Tr4ce0n January 6, 2021
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The second match used to assist the first match in lighting a bowl of weed.
"Quick Harry, get a secondary before this match goes out!"
by Eric and Harry August 13, 2005
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When a person is only talked to if the person talking has no friends to talk to.
Jon: So are you hanging out with Dan now?

Mark: Wtf. Why would you say that?

Jon: I saw you talking to him in Math today.

Mark: That's because I have no one else to talk to in that stupid class. He's my secondary.

Jon: Ah
by youknowwhoyouare123 June 9, 2009
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When you masturbate and don't quite get your load out. The semen gets stuck between the prostate and the end of the penis, which is somewhere in the urethra. Directly following masturbating you take a piss in the bathroom and urine and semen comes out.
Kid 1: Man this weekend I banged this girl so hard
Kid 2: Really ?
Kid 1: Yea man, but my load got stuck and i had to pee on her face to get my load on her. Secondary Load man YEA!
Kid 2: Sure you did, have you ever even talked to a girl?
Kid 1: Alright, I did it to the hot pornstar on my computer screen
Kid 2: HA, you broke your computer from your secondary load
by Immortal Steeze October 6, 2010
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