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A term used in forums and image boards to refer to people who get into an anime, video game etc. by secondary means (typically through a sequel or spinoff) and completely ignore the respective originals and source materials , resulting in a skewed understanding of background lore. More often than not being a secondary is very easy to correct but people refuse to do so out of laziness, so they are rightfully shunned. The term is commonly used among touhou and type-moon fans, and by many fans of visual novels with poor or inferior anime adaptations.
Dan is a huge fan of Gundam Unicorn, but hasn't even seen the original Mobile Suit Gundam. He's such a filthy fucking secondary.
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The second match used to assist the first match in lighting a bowl of weed.
"Quick Harry, get a secondary before this match goes out!"
by Eric and Harry August 13, 2005
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When a person is only talked to if the person talking has no friends to talk to.
Jon: So are you hanging out with Dan now?

Mark: Wtf. Why would you say that?

Jon: I saw you talking to him in Math today.

Mark: That's because I have no one else to talk to in that stupid class. He's my secondary.

Jon: Ah
by youknowwhoyouare123 June 08, 2009
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