The Mrs, the wife, the girlfriend, the trousers wearer in the house.
"Will you please ask the trousers if you can come to the pub at the weekend?"
by BlindNinja May 30, 2007
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Transitive verb. Slang, meaning to accept a bribe or some other sub rosa payment, usually in cash. That is, to take the money and slip it into your trouser pocket.
Mr Fayed offered a brown envelope and Hamilton trousered it straight away.
by kilkrazy January 3, 2005
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trousers: anther word for pants.
I have to go out and buy some new trousers.
by Reb969 July 6, 2005
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completely and utterly trashed, drunk and/or drugged
man i was so completely trousered last night i pissed in my girlfriend's shoes
by SLaaDi February 10, 2004
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The questionably traditional practice of being forced to run around a lawn, quad or yard with one's trousers down one's ankles, as a result of being 'whitewashed' in a bar game, i.e. beaten all points to nil. Almost exclusively the reserve of public schoolboys and Oxbridge undergraduates.
Little Jimmy lost 11-0 to Tarquin at table football and so was trousered; much merriment ensued at the sight of Jimmy feebly waddling round the quad, and Tarquin and his buddies had a jolly good laugh about the trousering.
by Tonemeister General October 18, 2010
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You wear them on your legs
Susan could not escape from her trouser prison
by Sticky Hands July 5, 2006
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Verb. High level white collar crime or official corruption involving theft of cash or illegal payments. Refers to the subject stuffing as much cash as they can into their trousers before they get caught.
That bastard politician trousered millions from us taxpayers then fucked off to Argentina!
by Daragh Malone April 3, 2008
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