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An English slang term meaning "a small amount of"...usually money, but can be used in reference to anything.
It costs about five quid...what do you say?

Here, if you want to look like a proper redneck...chew a quid of tobacco
by VooDooXII October 27, 2007
An English term for "ass", also used to descibe someone as stupid and arrogant.
"No, I lose all bets to the bookies. You can't change fighters at the last minute, so no, I don't have my fight do I, you fucking prat?"

-Alan Ford as "Brick Top" Polford in 'Snatch'
by VooDooXII August 24, 2006
Short for "badger" which is a variation on "beaver", in short meaning pussy or vagina.
JC: "The other thing is...800,000 pounds."

RH: "That is quite a lot. "

JC: "But with this...you would get a lot of badge."

RH: "Badge? Oh! No no no...hahahaha."

JC: "I think I almost got away with that."

-Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond on the Lamborghini Reventon
by VooDooXII November 7, 2007
The seat behind the front passenger seat in a car...i.e. "behind shotgun."

1: "Shotgun!"
2: "Dammit...Kurt Cobain!"
1: "What?"
2: "Right behind you...now scoot up."
by VooDooXII April 21, 2009
The original muscle car. GTO stands for "Gran Turismo Omologato" which is Italian for Grand Accredited Touring. The nameplate was originally just a performance package for the Pontiac LeMans and the Pontiac Tempest. For a $296 premium, the car could be had with a 389 c.i.d. 325 bhp V8. A more powerful "Tri-Power" engine with 348 bhp was also available. Tri-Power refered the the three two-barrel carbouretors that the engine had. The car did so well that the GTO later became its own model.

In 1969 Pontiac released the "GTO Judge", an appearance package which included the Ram Air III engine, styled wheels, a Hurst T-Handle shifter, wider tires, various decals, and a rear spoiler. With just under 7,000 made, this is one of the most collectable Pontiacs.

The oil embargo of the seventies killed all muscle cars and the GTO became a compact based on the Nova. The GTO had passed on in 1974.

Thirty years later, Pontiac released a redone version of the Holden Monaro and labeled it the Pontiac GTO. Originally equipped with the 350 bhp 5.7 Liter LS1, the GTO was a respectable performer. The 2005 and 2006 models got the 6 Liter 400 bhp LS2 which really made the GTO a rocket.

The last of a dying breed, the GTO will cease production at the end of 2006. Many people miss what it has to offer; large doses of power and an exceedingly comfortable cockpit for a reasonable price. The GTO doesn't have much competition. Many people are turned off by the seemingly bland styling, or the fact that it is an Australian-built car. About 40,000 have been sold from 2004 - 2006
"The Pontiac GTO was the first car to introduce the concept of putting a silly-stupid-powerful engine in a run-of-the-mill sedan."

"The new Pontiac GTO is an underrated well-rounded performer and a great value for money."
by VooDooXII August 2, 2006
An emoticon used to represent the Volkswagen logo.
I drive a (\X/) Golf TDi...it's not a rocket but I get 50 mpg!
by VooDooXII September 11, 2006
As in "riding the grade mule."

One that rides the grade mule cares not about how much he or she absorbs and/or takes back from whatever class; they only care about getting a grade.

Think of it as a mule led by a carrot and stick.
Benny: "My assignments six months late, but I'm still getting 25% credit. It's better than a zero."

Phil: "Fool, you better get off that grade mule."
by VooDooXII January 10, 2007