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The seat behind the front passenger seat in a car...i.e. "behind shotgun."

1: "Shotgun!"
2: "Dammit...Kurt Cobain!"
1: "What?"
2: "Right behind you...now scoot up."
by VooDooXII April 21, 2009
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An endearing short-form of the name Amanda.
Aw...Manders is the cutest!
by VooDooXII April 6, 2007
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An emoticon used to represent an e30 BMW.
I used to drive a oo==oo...it was fun.
by VooDooXII September 11, 2006
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Eminiem is not a rapper...he's a comedian with a record deal.
Feminist women love Eminem chigga chigga chigga "Slim Shady, I'm sick of him Look at him, walkin around grabbin his you-know-what Flippin the you-know-who,"

"Yeah, but he's so cute though!"
by VooDooXII October 4, 2006
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As in "riding the grade mule."

One that rides the grade mule cares not about how much he or she absorbs and/or takes back from whatever class; they only care about getting a grade.

Think of it as a mule led by a carrot and stick.
Benny: "My assignments six months late, but I'm still getting 25% credit. It's better than a zero."

Phil: "Fool, you better get off that grade mule."
by VooDooXII January 10, 2007
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Expression used in conjunction with a verb, meaning very much.
My girlfriend's been gone for a month. She'll be back soon, but I miss her to bits.
by VooDooXII November 19, 2007
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An emoticon used to represent the Volkswagen logo.
I drive a (\X/) Golf TDi...it's not a rocket but I get 50 mpg!
by VooDooXII September 11, 2006
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