1. noun The part of a man interested in a tallyho.

2. The part of a man a tallyho could care less about.
Hey man, don't forget to bring protection for your tallywhacker when you go to a party.
by Ron April 2, 2004
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a weird hose like object located above your sac used for modelling aeroplanes out of clay and jabbing folk in the face during prep because it is funny.
yo bruv have you seen the b52 stealth bomber i made with my tallywhacker.
yeah it stinks o cheese
by kevvy January 30, 2004
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noun. An instrument or apparatus, that when used properly, can get one's tally reduced when paying for a one-night stand.
After hearing the moans of pleasure delivered by his tallywhacker, the john demanded and received a discount.
by bigbootyluvva March 7, 2009
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The zipper that always needs to be tucked in on an official FFA jacket
"Tuck in your tallywhacker"
by Farmerjk June 29, 2019
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a cock, strudel, penis, shaft, meat and two veg, etc a description of the appendage between a males legs
"hey sweety, you wanna see my tallywhacker?"

"princess, how good would a mouthful of tallywhacker be?"

"bend over! here comes the tallywhacker"
by tania January 27, 2004
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A Tallywhacker is a stick that is used to keep score. (originally) and yes, a vernacularism for dong.
by cyphercube November 6, 2003
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part of the male genitalia, as used for whacking tallies
I'm just off to the little boys room to show my tallywhacker the toilet.
by robbo December 7, 2003
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