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The most expensive car in the whole history of Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. Only 20 were manufactured, all of which have already been sold. Yet, there have been reports that the number will increase to 100.

Reventón means "explosion", "burst", but in this context it means "he who makes things burst".

The exterior design was inspired by the F22 Raptor. The interior is fully customized and includes several devices a normal Lamborghini wouldn't have. The mechanical elements, such as the engine, is exactly the same as the Murciélago LP640.

The most ridiculous fact is that is costs one million euro.
Finally, after saving money for 20 years, I can buy a Lamborghini Reventon! Too bad I'm too old and can't drive anymore. Damn it!
by The Silver Raider April 24, 2008
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