1. A large furry rodent with a flat tail that chops down trees and builds dams.

2. Slang for a vagina.

3. A term for a person who goes/has gone to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where the beaver is the school mascot.
1. "We went on a nature walk, and saw a beaver swimming around the big lodge it had made."

2. "That chick I banged last night has a sweet beaver!"

3. "The Beavers put another car on top of the dome this morning..."
by luna May 06, 2005
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A furry critter that sits on your face and tries to swallow your tongue.
Mary: It's time to feed the beaver!!
John: Hang on a sec, let me get the lip balm.
by Apocalyptimaniac August 22, 2005
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Slang word commonly used as a replacement for vaginas.
1) I saw a bunch of beavers at the gym this morning.

2) Popped into beavers for a quick one on Tuesday.

3) Is this club gay? I ain't seen any beavers around!
by NetPreference February 10, 2010
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