1: (proper)Food product derived from swine.
2: (slang) Currency.
1: Yo, Marla, can I get me some bacon wi' dese pancakes?
2: Man, I need some bacon, I'm-a hit the machines like a demolition derby.
by massakist April 27, 2004
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one who makes use of the technology of superficial skin color enhancing to the point where such a person develops a dual-toned skin color. no long classified as a "caucasian with a tan", this person has now taken on the texture and hue of "bacon."
dayum!! dijoo see huh faceee? she looks like bacon!
by not bitter. March 24, 2005
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Thick, delicious strips of pork after they are fried. Also known as "a heart attack on a plate".
"Hey man, guess what I had for breakfast today?"
"I don't know, man. What is it?"
"Eggs and a whooooole lot of bacon."
"Man, you just ate a heart attack on a plate."
by asdfkrkawj August 19, 2011
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The Chuck Norris of food. It is usually just strips of fatty pork meat (sometimes turkey) that you cook and then shove, all at once, into your mouth. It's like meaty freakin' heaven.
Bacon is only delicious when it's cooked well, but just a TINY LITTLE BIT crispy. Any crispier and it'll feel like you're crunching rocks or something.
by HGF88 November 17, 2013
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Bacon is a word used to describe an ravishingly intreging smell, to here "you smell like bacon" is a truly special event, one that should be glorified and you should be honered.
"christa you smell of bacon" said alex
"what" said christa
"grrr i love it" said alex
by Alex Harrison December 2, 2006
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Something that sounds really good to eat.

An object normally not edible, that would taste good if it could be eaten.
Steve: 'Hey, you want to grab some Taco Bell?'
Louis: 'Sounds bacon to me.'

John: 'Damn dude, did you see that sweet Porsche back there? That was pretty damn bacon.'
Bill: 'I know, I'd love to have one of those.'
by onethousandshards August 28, 2009
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