Used to express something that is good or surprisingly good. Also, used to express a feeling of confidence towards a certain subject, action or future action. As related to conversation, an expression used to define the worth of a comment.
1. Yo, when you hit that shot...Currency.
2. I have it in the bag, it's Currency.
3. Yo, that chick is Currency
4. Haha, thats mad funny. Currency yo, Currency.
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When something is good, sweet, gnarnia, etc. Usually used as a substitution for "money".

Also see: dollars
Denny's hashbrowns are so good. Shit's currency, dude.
by Chamby November 5, 2007
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The word used when the act of ballin has accrued
i was shootin some hoops wit my g's and yelled out currency when i made the shot
by SNAH April 25, 2007
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A jargony corporate buzzword used by the company Comscore to promote the idea that their data is worth purchasing. Invented by B.J. Wiener, the term is meaningless- one might say that inflation has ruined its value by being used too much.

It was supposed to mean that Comscore was the measuring stick for all marketing metrics- not a terrible idea, until the he disagreed with the Board of Directors and quit. Now nobody knows what currency means. It was a decent idea and even seemed to be working! Oh well, now the stock is falling because... currency?
"We’re going to start with currency products, but we’re going to move on to planning products.”- Bryan Wiener, 2018 at
by redefining_the_wheel May 9, 2019
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Toilet paper, bottled water, disinfectants, hand sanitizers, face masks and got it, you are a rich person and regular money can not buy it.
He's got a ton of toilet paper in his that's real quarantine currency!
by Dallasjeni March 29, 2020
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Digital money organized by a synced distributed ledger online. While centralized currencies are backed by the economies of countries, decentralized currencies typically don't have a government affiliation. These currencies are run by incentivized volunteers via appropriate consensus algorithms. Much like incentivized volunteers run Uber, called drivers, and Airbnb, called hosts, incentivized volunteers, traditionally called "miners," run these decentralized currency protocols. Examples of decentralized currencies include Bitcoin and Ethereum.
I haven't been trading much decentralized currency lately.
by undertheradar July 8, 2019
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