an explative, not unlike whoa. It is a more emphasized version of the word "damn" when it is used in the same way.
by Fatass February 13, 2003
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A 2 syllable "damn" for some thing or someone cool/sexy/breathtaking
"dude look at that sunset"
"oh dayum..."

dayum... check out that chick/dude
by some_stale_meme December 20, 2016
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an adjective to define a girl with crazy beauty.
that Melody is dayum fine.
by crazyeyesjunior January 27, 2011
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You would use this interjection when you see a fine piece of ass. As this girl walks past you, you must lean back and exclaim this this phrase with impeccable timing. This is especially useful after watching a fine lady such as Danielle Conklin pass by.
DAYUM DConk! Since when were u so hot?!
by Lou March 2, 2006
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dayum is a word used when someone tell you about something so shocking or hurtful, you gotta say dayum instead of damn.
person 1: I asked out my crush and she told me we can't date because I'm like "a brother" to her.
person 2: Dayum!
by wither_angel May 25, 2021
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a word that black kids (and white kids who copy everything black people say) use to sound like a over annunciated word of "damn." Usually used when somethings extremely exciting or calls for an out burst of "DAYUMMM" instead of just damn.
1.DAYUMMMMM tht gurll is fineee as heeellll.
2.DAYUM i just spilled muhh drinkk.
by lalalyrrgaay December 21, 2008
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A combination of the words Damn and Yum; A word usually used in a situation when a gurl walks by with a nice round ass.Or is very attractive.
Gurl walks by-

Boy:-leans- Dayum!! That gurl has one niiice ass. I'd love to eat her up =P.
by .:º:.charlie.:º:. July 19, 2006
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