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Sex Move. Whilst the female (or male) is sucking on your shaft, he/she proceeds to 'speedbag' your ballsack.
Guy: This sex is fun, but i need a change.
Girl: How about i give you The Chuck Norris?
by WlkrTxsRngr June 08, 2009
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After receiving fellatio, finish off by cumming in the bitch's eye which intentionally blinds her as you unexpectantly and swiftly give her a roundhouse kick to the head.
"Dude, I totally gave that bitch the Chuck Norris last night."
by Carlos Ray October 29, 2011
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A sexual Act involving penetration of a Women's ass with a cowboy boot whilst assuring her that you are wearing protection, you splooge on the Vagina, tits, and face, afterwords, exploding inside of her.
I gave M. LIB the old Chuck Norris last night because she refused to make me food.

Alt. Ex. Roofus gave Kiyesha the Chuck Norris after she tried to talk back to him, thus making her ass two times too big.
by Dr. Cornwalice April 19, 2008
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A form of extreme breakdancing, where the dancer swings his leg around, in the form of a roundhouse kick. This should never be attempted, as it will result in massive casualties. In fact, none who have seen it have lived to tell about it, so it exists only as a myth.
Danny was popping and locking, and then he went on to do The Chuck Norris. There were no surviving witnesses.
by dporsov April 21, 2006
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