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to pull a christa is to do something stupid and still look great while you are doing it
i feel down the stairs but my penis fell out and everyone was impressed

wow you pulled a christa
by Alex Harrison December 02, 2006

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It was first discovered thousands of years ago when sugar was crushed and became powdered sugar, when this substance was mixed together with water it makes a very sticky cum like material that is just irresistible. In present day Cum Balls can be mixed with virtuanly anything vodka, pizza, snow and even your very own lady.
Chunkey Vodka Cum Balls (sugar water vodka and snow)
by Alex Harrison January 30, 2005

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the alex law was put in place after years of abuse by the friend christa, it states that whatever actions are pressed agianst himself the same will be inflicted upon the accuser
Christa bites alexes nippes
alex will then precede and bite her nipple in responce to the alagory put in place by her actions
she will then precede to say why
and in responce alex law will be put in place
by Alex Harrison December 02, 2006

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Bacon is a word used to describe an ravishingly intreging smell, to here "you smell like bacon" is a truly special event, one that should be glorified and you should be honered.
"christa you smell of bacon" said alex
"what" said christa
"grrr i love it" said alex
by Alex Harrison December 02, 2006

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its a tube that the female egg travels through during their menstrual0 period
Berry is talking on the phone to a husban of a girl the husban is talking about how his wife is pregnat again. Barry then yells God Dammit SHE SHOULD GET HER FILOOPIAN TUBES SEWN UP
by Alex Harrison June 22, 2005

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