Awesomeness in the form of strips of pork, that tastes sooo good it makes your day better!
Jeff: My girlfriend broke up with me.
Lou: Too bad dude...you want some bacon?
Jeff: Hells yeah. F**k her anyway I do what I please..mmm tasty
by JayTD November 28, 2009
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Bacon grows off trees, primarily ripe in the late spring.
by Nefarious! February 02, 2010
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"Hey Joe, whats your favorite food?"

"Bacon. Duh."
by afishypuss November 23, 2009
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- unwanted email that is not quite spam
- email you signed up for but don't really want
- email you want to receive but don't want in your inbox
When signing up for a free account on that web site they send you an activation email along with seven other "welcome" messages. Those seven messages are bacon.
by David Marcucci August 24, 2007
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English/UK Prison rhyming slang - "Bacon bonce" - Nonce
"That fellah's a right Bacon" (that gentleman is a bit of a pedo)
by Mark May 31, 2004
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