neat,clean,trim,fashionable,with it,very good-looking.
After he left barbershop his hair was crispy.
by for meto know June 7, 2005
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if something or an act that someone does is good or looks cool
when Caleb made a full court, all his friends said that was a crispy shot.
by BigSexyBuffalo April 3, 2017
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someone who is very dark, like they are burnt. like a burnt piece of toast, they are crispy.
Tyrese is hella crispy!
by Momonique July 15, 2009
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The best on a scale of 1 to crispy.
So-and-so (or such-and-such) is so crispy!
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new yorks word to describe your hair cut, hair do,your way of style, your sneakers or shirt
1.yo those are some crispy ass braids on that nigga. 2. yo steve harveys shape up madd crispy. 3. yo loon got a crisy ass goatee. 4. yo that niggas p. diddy is a cripy ass niggs. 5. yo i new to get me a pair of crispy ass air force ones and a crispy ass white tee
by rudy February 4, 2005
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when someone is mad to the point of total frustration and they look like they were put in an oven at 420 degrees Fahrenheit
Yo Ryan is looking crispy today
by KarbonGalaxy November 7, 2017
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A person with the mental capacity of a rice crispy treat; an individual with nothing too contribute to society; a waste of oxygen that does not realize it is a drain on society, but instead exhibits a sense of unjustifiable purpose and entitlement in life.
We called her crispy due to her total lack of purpose in life.
by Anonymous October 29, 2003
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