Something or someone treated in a more glorious way than expected. It's used to diminish the object or person.
Donald Trump is nothing but a glorified buffoon.
by Mark Brightman January 8, 2017
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Having been touched by Glory in ways words can hardly express; Awe-struck by Glory-invoked stupidity.
Being blown off daily for a week.
by Anonymous November 18, 2003
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Someone that has never been with a man before and we all know it
Ellen DeGeneres is a glorified lesbian .
by IAmJustADroid June 3, 2020
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An individual you used to be friends with, but have since then fallen out with, resulting in a stranger that you know really well.
Since my best friend, Jane, stabbed me in the back, we've become glorified acquaintances.
by Lotsofwords July 6, 2011
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A wrestling term that a wrestler who beat jobbers, was beaten in turn by other wrestlers.
Sasha Banks and Bayley were examples of Glorified Jobbers. They beat up jobbers, then get beat up by others.
by Kay Tutan Tayo December 3, 2018
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Someone who works in an office and loves to make their job title sound so much more than it really is"
Amy "hey man what sort of job you got"
Choz "I'm currently working as a tecnical manager"
Amy "hey occa you seen what job Choz is doing"
Occa "what you mean the glorified secretary?"
by Zero One 01 May 15, 2007
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