20 definitions by thug4life

n. 1. A structure or dwelling
2. Anywhere you are right now, usually used to accounce one's arrival.
3. A type of electronic based music, similar to trance or rave.
1. The cops just raided my house.

2. Give it up! Give it up! DJ Fucknut is in the muthafuckin house!

3. What kind of music do I like? I like house.
by thug4life October 4, 2002
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v. to clown, clowning, clowned. To laugh, make fun of, or find joy in a person or event. Almost always used in a derogatory or degrading fashion.

n. A fool or jester; someone that you laugh at or "clown" at.
1. "I can't wait till I hear you say
'I'm going down, mayday, mayday.' I'm gonna clown." - Ice Cube, "Ghetto Bird"

2. Hah hah Lorenzo just dropped his sack in front of a narc, what a clown!
by thug4life October 4, 2002
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A thug that has "made it" to the big time. Originally refered ball players that made it out of the streets to make millions as a pro ball player, but now is used to describe any thug that is living large.
Pain is a part of the game when you're a baller.
by thug4life September 29, 2002
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n. Slang for a twenty-two ounce bottle of beer.
Yo man go get a deuce deuce of High Life.
by thug4life September 29, 2002
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1. Shortened term for the word "gangster". First originated in the prison system then made its way out to the streets.

2. Your friend.
Don't front Lorenzo, he my G.
by thug4life September 29, 2002
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Got my license suspended cause I was busted for a 502.
by thug4life October 10, 2002
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