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This word if chiefly used by Canadians, and is a knitted winter hat, or beanie.

Touks commonly have the classic pom-pom on top.
A: Man, my head is going numb in this crazy blizzard.
B: Dude, what did I tell you? Wear your touk!
by The Legendary Ironwood March 14, 2005
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1. Name given to a classification of shots made in the game of basketball. A three pointer is accomplished when the player with the ball successfully makes his shot behind the three-point line. Worth three points due to great distance that shot was made from.
2. Last hope for white guys in the NBA.

Failure to make the three pointer commonly results in an airball and much mockery.

Note: Three pointers are often shot from “downtown.”
Larry: Hey bitches, watch as I make this three pointer with my eyes closed.
Larry: Kobe!
by The Legendary Ironwood June 11, 2006
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1. Word used in "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory," by Willy Wonka. He claimed that the pictures of snozzberries on his wallpaper tasted like snozzberries.

2. A snozzberry is a mystery fruit/flavor that knows no origin. Generally has an unpleasent flavor.
A:Try some more. The strawberries taste like strawberries. The snozzberries taste like snozzberries!
B: Snozzberries? Who ever heard of a snozzberry?

A: What the hell flavor Kool-Aid is this?
B: By my guess, I'd say snozzberry.
A: Raunchy.
by The Legendary Ironwood March 14, 2005
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Another way to say goodbye to someone. The meaning is loose. Comes from the movie, Waking Life.
Wiley: Yeah, man. Well, I gotta go man.

John: Ok, later man. Super perfundo on the early eve of your day.

Wiley: What's that mean?

John: Well you know, I've never figured it out. Maybe you can. This guy always whispers it in my ear. Lewis.....he's a reoccurring dream character.
by The Legendary Ironwood January 25, 2007
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A game that is much like Hide-and-go-seek, but is considered less juvenile, so is played by older people. Game works best during the night, and outside. This is played with two teams who alternate being the Hiders, and the Seekers.

After a designated period of wait, the Seekers scavenge the predetermined territory for the other team. After a Hider is found, rules vary on how to officially tag, he is brought to the area marked as prison. From there, fellow teammates can free him. Game is not over until everyone is found.

Note: Game eventually causes great chaos and arguments over rules and teams. A smooth playing game is rare.
"I'm up for some action tonight, let's get some people together and play manhunt."
by The Legendary Ironwood March 14, 2005
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Noun. Mad ups can be taken literally to mean the ability to jump high, as to dunk or whatever.

Commonly is also used to indicate great skill or talent in a physical activity when around other people.
"Yo dude, check out my mad ups as I serve up a slam-dunk"

"Did you see that amazing goal Larry just scored? That boy has mad ups."
by The Legendary Ironwood March 26, 2005
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Noun. A man diary is the same thing as a journal or a diary. It is used to add masculinity to such phrases as, "I write tender stories of my day in my man diary." This also applies to blogs, ie. livejournal, blurty, xanga.
"Yo dude, let me look at your man diary, give me the link."
by The Legendary Ironwood March 22, 2005
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