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The detriment of tard fam. This gene exists in Norman "Nick", Mike Carlson, and York and plays a major role in why these three act the way they do. It's just something about this family, all three of them exhibit different tard behaviors that you just can't explain. The only explanation is that all three of them share a similar tard gene. This tard gene will lead to the downfall of the future of tard fam if this gene is not stopped. The only way to stop this gene is for the three tard fam members to not reproduce, all of them must understand the bigger picture and realize that nobody else wants to deal with this tard shit in the future.
Visionary: Aye York, you know that tard gene theory right? You got to take one for the team and not reproduce in the future
York: Shut the fuck up, I don't need to hear your bullshit
Visionary: Actually, I don't need to worry about you anyways, I don't think you have the ability or know how to reproduce.
by TurnM3Up December 20, 2021
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This is Norman "Nick" when he loses his cool and decides to whoop some MF ass. He will obliterate anything that comes in his path when we uncage that nigga. The lion will usually be caged 999,999 times out of 1,000,000 but when the lion does come out of it's cage....you need to GTFO.
That MF Aaron put sticky notes all over Norman "Nick"'s car and that resulted in him being an uncaged lion, he completely fucked that nigga Aaron up, I do not want none of that....keep that lion caged up.
by TurnM3Up December 5, 2019
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THE main phrase used by Norman “Nick”. He usually uses this line when he feels like something really fucked up was conspired against him. This is a common way that Norman “Nick” voices his displeasure.
*the avetards broke into Norman “Nick”’s room and brought his PS4 downstairs so they could play in the living room*
Norman “Nick”: “Yo did y’all steal my PS4 and bring it downstairs?”
Noah: “Um, possibly”
Norman “Nick”: “Dude, you know that's actually fucked up, right?”
Norman “Nick”: “Yo Henry, that's actually fucked up right?”
by TurnM3Up April 16, 2020
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A random unknown mexican bitch who shows up to The Ave just to go throw neck in the avetard bathroom.
Bruh the fucking elephant gave that nigga head in the bathroom and nobody even knows who she is.
by TurnM3Up November 25, 2019
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The BIGGEST SHITHOLE at The Ave, if you think the other places are bad, you're in for a show on this one. The kitchen is absolute mess that is just littered with all sorts of trash and doesn't even include the avetard sink and the avetard trash can, both of which that are SO MUCH MORE WORSE. The kitchen has food all over the place and don't even get me started on the perishable food. It is living hell in the avetard kitchen.
I went into the avetard kitchen to try and find some food to eat but it smelled like rotten food everywhere and then when I opened the food containers, everything was spoiled and had mold growing.
by TurnM3Up December 10, 2019
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Random fucking bitches who just show up uninvited to The Ave. Nobody fucking knows who the hell these these fuckers are but somehow they end up with the avetards and will probably end up doing some dumb shit by the end of the night.
Some randos just pulled up to The Ave and ended up throwing up in the avetard bathroom.
by TurnM3Up November 25, 2019
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The method of having sex virtually when you can’t go link with your bitch in person. Y'all just have sex over FaceTime and get freaky over the phone and just use your imagination a little bit to make it seem like you are having actual sex. This shit usually works best when the dude is jerking his shit while the bitch is rubbing her shit. Shit, I know dudes who could get horny enough to try and stick their dicks into the charger port of their phones but that's for another day. There's some tards who will try to argue that partaking in phone sex is enough to classify as losing your virginity but those dudes are on crack. This definition will play a very key role in a later definition known as “160”
Damn my bitch lives in Oregon and I live in the broke ass state of Missouri, I really wanna have sex with her but I'm gonna have to do it through phone sex and I'm excited because I'll lose my virginity too.
by TurnM3Up December 23, 2020
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