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A brain that belongs to a tard. A tard brain rarely functions and on the occasion that it does function, it's gonna make a blunder. All members of tard fam have this type of brain and the tard brain was most likely first discovered in their family too. Norman "Nick" is the oldest one out of the bunch so you can bet that he was the first one with it but then it spread to York and Mike Carlson among others. For some unknown reason, it seems like York got the runt of the litter here because his brain is wayyy worse than the other two.
*York at Noah's house for dinner and Noah's mom made enchiladas*
Noah's mom: Hey York, how are the enchiladas, are they just like your mom makes them?
York: Yea, my parents are good but they've been busy with the motel and stuff like that
Noah's mom probably wondering: What the hell is this nigga on?
Noah wondering: I knew this dude was retarded but I didn't know his tard brain was this stupid.
by TurnM3Up January 1, 2021
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The living room of the avetards at The Ave. It has free access due to the avetard door being unlocked 24/7. When you first enter, you will see the dab rig on the avetard coffee table with a bunch of other junk. There is trash all over the place all the time and the avetard bathroom and avetard kitchen are also in sight.
I walked into the avetard living room and the place looked smelled like someone just dropped a bunch of turds all over the place, it looked like an absolute fuckshow in there because an avetard can't handle shit.
by TurnM3Up December 10, 2019
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Random fucking bitches who just show up uninvited to The Ave. Nobody fucking knows who the hell these these fuckers are but somehow they end up with the avetards and will probably end up doing some dumb shit by the end of the night.
Some randos just pulled up to The Ave and ended up throwing up in the avetard bathroom.
by TurnM3Up November 25, 2019
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The method of having sex virtually when you can’t go link with your bitch in person. Y'all just have sex over FaceTime and get freaky over the phone and just use your imagination a little bit to make it seem like you are having actual sex. This shit usually works best when the dude is jerking his shit while the bitch is rubbing her shit. Shit, I know dudes who could get horny enough to try and stick their dicks into the charger port of their phones but that's for another day. There's some tards who will try to argue that partaking in phone sex is enough to classify as losing your virginity but those dudes are on crack. This definition will play a very key role in a later definition known as “160”
Damn my bitch lives in Oregon and I live in the broke ass state of Missouri, I really wanna have sex with her but I'm gonna have to do it through phone sex and I'm excited because I'll lose my virginity too.
by TurnM3Up December 23, 2020
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The idea that the horny gene found in tard fam members is insanely potent. At times, that horny gene will just completely take over one of the members and make them do things that you can't even think of. Some of the shit that these niggas be doing when they horny just makes you ask yourself: "how horny do you have to be?" A big part of the high horniness level is due to Norman "Nick" and York being overly obsessed with females and getting instant boners at the thought of pussy. Mike Carlson is also obsessed with females but doesn't expose himself as much as the other two.
*York during prime horny hours*
*sees a tweet from a bitch with HUGE tits: "I need a hug"*
*York responds to tweet: "I can give good hugs :)"*

Okay, York…I see that tard fam horniness kicking in
(btw, I had many examples to choose from, this one just happens to be the most recent one)
by TurnM3Up December 17, 2020
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Useless item that is not needed for an avetard. These niggas will just throw all their clothes on the floor and just leave them there until it's time to wash them and then repeat the process. All avetards share this tendency but it doesn't get worse than Noah.
Noah didn't bring a laundry basket to The Ave because he realized he could just throw his clothes on the floor everyday after wearing them.
by TurnM3Up December 11, 2019
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The place where an avetard sits while taking a dab. This couch has gone through a lot and seen hella wild ass shit. The primary purpose of the couch is to serve as a "resting spot" after niggas are done with the dab rig and are out like a light. Just know that anytime you hear the words "have a seat" from someone wanting to talk, you're gonna find yourself involved in a dumbass conversation. I should also mention that two of the cushions are permanently flattened from when the mexican elephants took a seat on them that one night.
One night when the avetards were high as shit and fucking with Henry's axe, they accidentally cut a slit on one of the couch cushions. This was described as an "accident" but knowing how horny some of these dudes are, it wouldn't surprise me if the slit on the avetard couch was made intentionally so it could serve another purpose too.
by TurnM3Up November 24, 2020
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