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People who live at The Avenue Apartments in Norman aka The Ave aka the avetard house. These people are so fucking dumb and have zero common sense, they will most likely make the stupidest decisions and be doing absolutely nothing in life. They also display avetard logic. Most of these people also go to OU, making them an OU tard also.
*Norman "Nick" at The Ave gets locked out of his room*
Norman "Nick": shit I got locked out
Froomie: shit dude, our dab rig is in there
Ian: let me break it open by banging it
Henry: you want me to get my axe?
Norman "Nick": yea yea go get it
*breaks the door open*
Noah: you fucking avetard, you could've just waited and gotten maintenance to open it
by KissMyAssAve July 18, 2020
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A derogatory term for a person living in Avenue apartments in Oklahoma, which is known for having a multitude of Oklahoma University students. These students are often stupid as fuck and misbehave all the time, hence the name aveTARD.
Those goddamn avetards are partying all night again, don’t they know there’s school tomorrow
by nlolhere July 18, 2020
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