A four-stringed instrument with two "f holes" cut into the top to release the sound. Used to play or accompany a wide variety of music, from classical to techno, and even rock.
by Kristen August 11, 2003
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you people suck. violins are beautiful if you actaully devote some time and effort to playing it.
my violin is worth more than your BMW and your Lamborgini you morons
by orc dork October 20, 2003
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An instrument that can sound beautiful WHEN PLAYED RIGHT. However, most of the time it isn't.
My definition of the way a bad violin sounds: "Horse hairs rasping against the entrails of a cat!"
by Hallie Corson September 9, 2005
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The most difficult instrument to master (not play, but master), with challenging left-right hand coordination. It has a pleasent sound with four strings tuned in fifths. Violinists are generally smart people or slackers like Charlie.
Charlie is the assistant concertmaster for his school orchestra and has only being playing for five years.
Charlie is so fucking good at the violin. Did you hear him play Symphonie Espagnole flawlessly?
Lumi is a better violinist than Charlie will ever be.
by Charlie March 24, 2005
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Anyone who plays it has a heart like the sounds of the violin itself.
Guy1: Her heart is so pure
Guy2: She must play violin
by maggierhee March 20, 2017
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The hightest instrument in the string section.

i am a violinist and a violist and i think it is unfair to comment on an instrument without playing it. The violin has a beautiful high range and the viola has a melodious low range. They both sound beautiful when played properly and the player must be dedicated and put much time into their playing. (people who do not play an instrument would not understand this concept!)
The violin section played a section of fast, high notes
by vlnvla325orchdork March 30, 2008
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One of the most beautiful and expressive instruments in the world of music. It can range from playful and cheeky to sorrowful and breathtaking. It imitates the human voice with its own unique sound. Yes, it takes a while to learn how to play properly - just like any other instrument. And personally, I don't think it sounds like a dying cat at all. Dunno where people get that from...
I own a Tartini violin and it kicks arse.
by Mazurka February 4, 2010
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