The most creative guitarist of all time. Before Jimi Hendrix you never saw anyone play like he did. Had so much talent he could play the guitar with his eyes closed on the ground using his teethe. The drugs he used was part of the reason why he was so creative with his music. Purple Haze was his most known song and is regarded as one of the greatest rock songs of all time with one of the greatest guitar riffs. All Along the Watchtower holds Jimi Hendrix's best guitar solo and one of the greatest guitar solos of all time. Hendrix was in a band called The Jimi Hendrix Experience, his other band members are not well known but were very talented as well. The Experience's drummer, Mitch Mitchell is one of the greatest drummers of all time, very few drummers were as good as him at the time. His talent is witnessed in the song Fire which has excellent drumming. The Experience released 3 full albums. Are You Experienced? is known as one of the greatest debut albums of all time and one of the greatest psychadellic albums of all time. Hendrix's fame fell short after a inhalation of vommit caused by barbituate Seconol intoxication killing him immediately September 18th, 1970.
R.I.P. Jimi Hendrix

purple haze all in my brain...
by Matt F September 22, 2004
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The greatest guitarist that ever lived. Famous from 1966-1970, when he died. Pioneered guitar playing forever, mastered such effects as the wah wah, and the fuzz. Part of: The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Gypsys, Suns, and Rainbows, and the Band of Gypsys. Only produced 4 official albums (Are You Experienced?, Axis: Bold as Love, Electric Ladyland, and Band of Gypsys), but has MANY unofficial bootlegs of his music.
Jimi Hendrix is best known for various songs, Purple Haze, Red House, Little Wing, Voodoo Child (Slight Return), and many more.
by Majin GeoDooD June 14, 2003
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THE guitarist of all guitarists! The Ultimate-phsycadelic GUITAR GOD!!!
"There's a Red House over yonder, and that's where my baby stays...." JIMI HENDRIX ROCKS!!!!!
by alianna November 30, 2003
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Hendrix is like here

And everyone down here
Hendrix rules! That guy who said Clapton was better is an arsehole!
by bobby robertson January 26, 2005
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The most iconic, profound, inventive, masterful and downright best guitar player in the history of music. No one came close to playing guitar like he did. It was never about how fast or how well he played (even though he played exceedingly well). It was about the special connection he made through his guitar and his listeners/audience. In effect, the guitar was to Jimi what Excalibur would have been to King Arthur - A profound expression of the power within one individual. Hendrix did many things that made his music so meaningful. Amongst these he helped to popularize guitar feedback... a technique which was previously undesirable at the time, not to mention playing it with his teeth, executing mind- bending solo's, and even evoking a personality within the instrument itself: for example during his rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, where his guitar echoed the harsh nature of the Vietnam War through sound alone. He created a style of music which even to this day has remained unparalleled, and gave us one of the most awe- inspiring forms of music ever. Some of his most famous songs include Purple Haze, Voodoo Child, and his rendition of All Along the Watchtower. There will never be anyone like him again... and even if you did reach his playing standard, you still wouldn't obtain the expressionism, mind or soul he channelled into every performance. Long live Hendrix... we really could do with another time like yours in this day and age :/
Go watch Jimi Hendrix's version of the Star Spangled Banner on Youtube... and if those last few notes don't send shivers down your spine, then you might as well have no soul...
by Firelovesugar April 25, 2009
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The most famous Psychedelic rock star in the world.

He was known mostly for his wild "trippy" style of playing.
He used techniques of recording such as: playing pre-recorded guitar riffs backwards, using the ever famous Cry-Baby, Octavia, and other various forms of overdrive, simple sounds effects made by the mouth, recorded then slowed down or looped in various ways, and countless others

He was a player of emotion, in which his mood affected the way he played. Songs were mostly about events that happened in his life. He was influenced and was an influence to several musicians of different genres.

Most believe that Hendrix died of an O.D. of barbiturates, true, but it was this and the combination of wine that caused him to vomit, thus suffocating in his own digestive juices. Some say that he was not turned over in his transport to the hospital, thus the above happened.
He died upon arrival.
His effects mastery is present in: Drifting, Room full of Mirrors, I Don't Live Today, Are You Experienced?, Purple Haze, Have You Ever Been ( to Electric Ladyland), and many more...
Jimi Hendrix was plagued with depression, no one had his same goals in the music industry.
Before you disrespect a true legend, consider the fact that backstabbing is what caused more of his stress than anything.
Stress kills, this is a prime example.
Besides, learn how to spell people!
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