Something that happens to a specific avetard all the time. Norman "Nick" will get locked out of his room so much at The Ave that he might as well just remove the door to his room to prevent it from happening. Once this avetard gets locked out, he will get Henry's axe and try to chomp at the door in order to open which only fucks up the door even more.
Avetard #1 got locked out of his room, might as well go the axe already.
by TurnM3Up November 26, 2019
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What owners do to players to screw over the fans
If players don't do what the owners want, there will be an NHL Lock Out soon
by Paul March 16, 2004
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low budget makes no sense and may be the most retarded thing i've ever wasted two hours on in my life
permanently damaged from this movie..
1."Hey have you seen lock out?"
1."good for you!"
by irottori December 6, 2010
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To become indecisive and socially awkward; panicky. To become "locked out" of one's head.
"I felt bad for Jenny the other day. She was locked out (of her car) for two hours."

"Sorry I missed the profoundly deep conversation you guys were having. I was locked out (of the house) all night!"
by ispeaktobirds February 26, 2013
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A euphemism for male masturbation. Comes from the way that U.S. Navy Seals swim out of nuclear submarines and onto enemy shores.
Man, Kate Beckinsale is so hot that every time I see her I want to lock out a SEAL team.
by CycleGeek April 2, 2008
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The act of safely locking out machinery typically robotic automation cells while your junk is out and trying to not get caught by the safety guy.
Bob: Hey bill can you help me with this robot.

Bill: yeah no problem.

Bob: don't forget to Lock out with your Cock out. I saw the safety guy cruising around. He's on a mission.
by Froogielicious January 15, 2010
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