Someone so perfect and undescriblely BEAUTIFUL. He is amazing,understanding,kind,funny, sweet, modest,fashionable, athletic, and well-rounded person out their. He is one of a kind. If you are called a bennie it is the best compliment out their,unfortunately there is only one true bennie tho
by Bennielover111 October 8, 2019
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A guy who is down to earth, caring, funny, strong and awesome. He'll have your back if you have his. He loves cars. He is loyal and he'll treat a girl like a queen. Don't upset him or he'll hold a grudge forever. He's cute and everyone wants him.
Boy: you know bennie?
girl: of course! He's the best
by BestFF January 1, 2013
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They are the sexiest Ladies ever, and have rockin bodies! They attended the st. benedicts university in st. joe minnesota! They are very focused on their studies (they had to be to get in) but they get distracted when a HOT Johnnie walks by. They love working out, and being active. There favorite foods are delicious, and make them become sexy curvacious during the first year. They are not overweight what so ever tho!
Wow look at that girl, she has to be a Bennie! She soooooo friggen sexy and smart!
by bennieluver<3 October 19, 2011
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a cigarette roled that contains ganja. When smoked results in complete relaxation, and the general desire to do absolutly nothing. Will also unleash ur most random inner thoughts and theories on life.
A Bennie will help u through times of no money far better than money will help you throught times of no joint.
by bennie smoker August 25, 2009
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Nah, I've gotta Bennie for that.
by Forgottenvowel April 16, 2011
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A Homosexual person, as referenced when Kobe Bryant slurred "Bennie! F**king F*ggot!"
Rick: Yeah I saw him, he was actually looking pretty good.
Tony: Dude, don't be such a Bennie. F*cking f*ggot.
by MikeinFull April 14, 2011
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Bennie is one with the hispanic women and is able to bring happiness to the ones close to him and is able to treat others equally and with respect
Bennie is Daddy!!!
by NameAdvisor September 29, 2021
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