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A male version of a douchebag: a despicable person but one who has not yet reached the status of dickhead or mofo.
God, Henry is such an enemabag for stuffing paper towels down all of the toliets in Dorm C.
by Telephony December 12, 2010
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A nicer way of saying the phrase, "eternal damnation", which means you'll go to Hell and be poked at with hot pitchforks wielded by Satan and his minions for ever and ever.
I didn't worship Gosh, so now I'm going to go to Heck and receive eternal darnation!
by Telephony July 13, 2014
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Another name for sleep in your eye; it resembles a desiccated (dried up) booger from your nose.
Hold on a moment; let me get this eye booger out of my eye!
by Telephony April 26, 2014
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This is the word "faggot" typed in such a manner that it bypasses the onboard censor found in most internet BBS software.

Also used by people who type the majority of their emails and other messages in "1337 5p34k" (elite speak).
OMG!!! Johnny is such a huge F46607 for wanting to suck that cruise ship purser's dick!!!
by Telephony December 6, 2011
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The word, "fag" when typed in attempt to bypass the inbuilt censors found in many online chat rooms, games, and BBS (forum) software.
Eric, you're such a phucking F49 it ain't even funny. :-|
Get off my dick...it's sick!!!
by Telephony October 28, 2012
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A team of people who utterly suck -- in fact, they suck & blow at the same time!
What part are you role-playing now, huh? Team super douche?
by Telephony February 18, 2014
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Tablets of drugs (usually of the illicit kind).
{From the BBS door game, "Barneysplat" by Bong Software from 1992}

What would you like to do to Barney?

1: Cram him down the toliet with the toliet brush?
2: Give him some nice Barney acid teepz?
3: Strap him to the biggest loudspeaker at an Anthrax concert?

by Telephony November 30, 2020
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