uncircumcised male. From the British advertising slogan of ASDA "Rollback"
Have you had a tip-off?

No, I'm an ASDA man.
by Spoik June 2, 2010
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ASDA bribed Koppel and Pete Winkelman to steal Wimbledon FC from south London to facilitate the building of a superstore in Milton Keynes.
ASDA are collaborators of Pete Winkelman.
by AFCW April 24, 2004
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Supermarket in the UK. Part of the WalMart empire. Paradise for the nutritionally illiterate. Frequented by unhealthy looking families with cars that look well cared-for. One level above Co-op on the supermarket totem pole, looks like Waitrose in comparison to Lidl
"Did a big shop at Asda. Everything is so cheap and tasty. Got to go to the doctors later, my reflux is giving me hell and the kids need more Ritalin."
by Frou-Frou December 26, 2018
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Adj. meaning cheap or skanky due to its common use with people who shop at that supermarket. This started off due to the advertising campaign - 'Asda Mums' and was involuntary but oh well, bad luck, Asda, what are you going to do?
Asda mums - good for you!
That boy is so Asda, he won't have a nice phone!
by TJP May 9, 2005
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A term used by gay men, often in the bear community to describe a straight male they find attractive. Named Asda Dads because they can be found walking the aisles of Asda with their skanky minger wives.
I'm doing my shopping today, it's very boring but at least I might see a few Asda Dad's to perve at.
by Freddy B August 6, 2009
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This is a method of wholesale shop lifting. It involves entering an open plan supermarket with a trolley, as if normal shopper, filling the trolley with four cases of beer, numerous bottles of fine wine and what ever grocery items one desires, then proceeding to walk clean out of the shop past the fruit and veg, bypassing all checkouts and neglecting to pay.
The group needs beer, i shall go and asda/tesco price it!

Today I asda/walmart priced my weekly shopping and also more booze than we could possibly drink!.....That was the biggest asda price I have ever done!
by Dr. Poppenstein May 25, 2006
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just your average boy. loves to stalk bubbly welsh girls. loves rubbing rosary beads and driving to asda. occasionally looks dashing.. also known as spud. loves to ride it bareback.
have you seen young-asda?
by just_jessxx July 30, 2009
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