verb. To heat a liquid at its boiling point while condensing the vapors and returning this liquid to the system to which it originated.
Mark: I'm going to reflux my RCM.

Colin: You mean you're going to heat your reaction to reflux?

Mark: No, my first comment is grammatically correct. Now.
by Colinnnnnnnnnn September 8, 2010
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Getting together with anybody -- even an ugly person -- just to get the sickness of breaking up with a significant other out of your system.
"Dude, you hooked up with Amy? What were you thinking?"

"I know. I know. I just broke up with Becca and am on the reflux."
by JJ Johnson April 13, 2007
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the reflux of colonic feces into the posterior oral cavity. it can be associated with shitzu - histologic changes of the pharyngeal mucosa suggestive of colon cancer. also known as shit in mouth disease.
I went to the doctor because my family was complaining of my bad breath. He diagnosed me with colopharyngeal reflux and prescribed breath fresheners to be used per rectum.
by ken69 February 4, 2009
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What happens when a man lies down too quickly after sex, and more jism spurts out of his floppy dick.
Damn! I just had flaccid reflux! Now we're both gonna sleep in a wet spot!
by Pod Tailin' February 9, 2010
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asshole reflux - the gag reflex that is experienced when the stomach suddenly contracts and splashes acid into the esophagus in response to the inability to choke the shit out of another, usually because the other is an asshole in superior position or rank
I get asshole reflux every time Babs comes to my office.
by TooSick4U July 21, 2008
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When other people's normal everyday activities do not irritate you unless the other person performing the action is your spouse. Symptoms often include a throwuppie taste in your throat when your mate performs a minor function around you like chewing or breathing. There is no cure for Spousal Reflux except for suffocation or decapitation and these are illegal. Sufferers often dull symptoms by drinking until they can’t hear or see.
Watching and listening to Lloyd eat a bowl of almonds last night gave my the worst Spousal Reflux, I can still hear him crunching.
by July 2, 2009
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The condition of not caring, sleeping in, and having every day blend together during the summer. This condition has also been known to infect college freshman all year round.
MASON: Dude, I missed grad rehearsal again because I woke up at 1. What am I going to do?
BOBBIE: Grad practice is tomorrow, man. You've got serious summer reflux.
by Crazy4Summer June 3, 2010
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