(of genitals): complete, whole, normal, natural, but implying instead that it is normal to have had the penile prepuce (foreskin) or clitoral prepuce (hood) cut off.
They say he's uncircumcised and he looks perfectly normal to me.
by intactive March 11, 2015
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1: A penis the way it's meant to be.

2: A man who has not experienced horrifying pain at birth.

"Jon is uncircumcised, so that's probably why he never got into fights at school; He just wasn't as aggressive as those circumcised kids."
by happyhamsterchan April 13, 2010
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Girl: "Did you see Ted's dick? It's uncircumcised!

Ted: "No , it's wearing a banana suit."
by yoloswag420incorporated March 9, 2015
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i: A bizarre depiction of a healthy intact penis, invented to normalize the archaic ritual of genital mutilation. ii: a routine, cultural brainwashing that is still active in the USA, today.
This poor bastard had his foreskin stolen from him at birth, luckily today’s citizens are starting to wake up and realize that uncircumcised just means normal penis. And that circumcised, means disfigured, mutilated penis. And that the ritualistic cutting of babies is a huge infringement on human rights.
by Funkjr85 May 19, 2019
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the act of uncircumcising a man,woman,or child that has been circumcised or reversing their circumcision.also known as foreskin restoration/reconstruction, or reversal.
foreskin restoration

surgical foreskin reconstruction

foreskin transplant

infibulation reversal

cutting The suspensory ligament of the clitoris

vulva reconstruction

i decided to uncircumcise myself with a restoration device.
by tlt February 19, 2008
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No meme should have a foreskin. All memes should be fully circumcised. Any meme that is posted without being cropped is uncircumcised and therefore is said to be carrying excessive foreskin. In some cases, a little foreskin on a meme is acceptable. However, true meme lords make sure they are circumcised.
Person 1: Can you believe he posted another uncircumcised meme?

Person 2: unbelievable. Crop that shit man
by Moose K May 27, 2019
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