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The story of AFC Wimbledon

On May 28th 2002, an FA Commission granted permission for a group of businessmen to relocate Wimbledon FC Ltd to Milton Keynes, 70 miles from its history, home and community. Devastated fans mourned the death of their club, but before long they took a fresh approach by creating their own team.

Backed by the Wimbledon Independent Supporters Association and The Dons Trust, with a combined membership approaching 3000, AFC Wimbledon was born. Just six weeks later, having obtained a ground, senior status, sponsorship and many hundreds of season ticket applications, AFC Wimbledon played its first game on Wednesday 10th July against Sutton united at Gander Green Lane (a game that saw a 4-0 defeat celebrated like a Cup Final win).

Except that for the fans this isn't the club's first ever game – it is a direct continuation of the old club that was formed as Wimbledon Old Centrals back in 1889. This view is backed by the ex-Wimbledon manager Terry Burton, sacked by Chairman Charles Koppel less than a week after the season ended, despite achieving a creditable league finish. "If that's where the fans are, that is where the club is", said Burton, "It's a great idea. It's great for football. It's a great achievement and everyone involved should be proud of AFC Wimbledon. I love to watch football. I loved Wimbledon, but this AFC is closer to being my team."

That WFC Ltd could sack such a popular manager as Terry Burton shows just how deep the rift between the club and the supporters had grown. Such a rift will never be allowed to occur at AFC Wimbledon. Commercial Director Ivor Heller said "There is a strong belief that the vast majority of football owners have lost touch with their supporters. But, in the end, footballers come and go, so do managers and owners. All that remains are the fans and in the case of Wimbledon, we never left."
Wombles going up and the Franchise going down!
by AFCW April 05, 2004

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According to a 3 man commission appointed by the FA the fans of Wimbledon FC should just follow the club to Milton Keynes and not start a new club. Because such a new club, for example under the name of Wimbledon Town is not in the best interests of football.
The FA are spineless monkeys.
by AFCW April 25, 2004

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the name used by football fans when referring to Wimbledon FC who are now the Milton Keynes Dongs
MK Dons? No! MK Dongs!
by AFCW July 01, 2004

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FA stands for Football Association. In theory they are responsible for sorting out any problems in the English game that might occur, but in practice do very little about them when they do occur. Also they approved Wimbledon FC move to Milton Keynes (though they of course would deny this). Therefore they appointed a 3 man commission that made the decision for them. The commissions report then gave a load of reasons (which are false) of why the club would be better of in Milton Keynes. 1 of these was claiming that a new club such as Wimbledon Town would not be in the wider interests of football.
The FA are spineless monkeys
by AFCW April 25, 2004

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Raj Parker, Steve Stride and a well respected football expert voted 2-1 (guess how they voted individually) to allow the move of Wimbledon FC to Milton Keynes to become the Milton Keynes Dongs (as the "club" will now inevitably be referred to).
Winkelman bribed Parker and Stride and so they voted for the move. AFC Wimbledon was rightfully born right after this sham of a commission.
by AFCW July 01, 2004

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the new name of Franchise FC. Milton Keynes are the first ever English town to STEAL a place in the football league instead of earning it through promotion.
The Milton Keynes Dongs are clubkilling cnuts.
by AFCW July 01, 2004

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The local nuthouse of a city called Milton Keynes, often frequented by a village idiot by the name of Pete Winkelman.
The guy is so stupid, they should lock him up in Great Linford Manor
by AFCW April 17, 2004

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