You're gonna get outta my way or we're gonna set it off.
by Rick October 14, 2004
merk somebody, fight somebody, ect.
Lil Boosie: you wanna talk shit, you wanna run your mouth, you want some gangsters front your mahfuckin house, we'll set this bitch off. I'll hurt a mahfucka, set it off in this bitch.
by betty bad azz August 14, 2008
To do something with intensity or hurricane like force.
Boy 1: Did you see that fight between Kyle and David?

Boy 2: Yea dude, David really set it off!
by Anthony UNLV April 17, 2010
To change the atmosphere for the better.
"Everyone was having a good time then he came on and just set it off"
by brendan May 30, 2004
A pop punk, orchestral rock, and alternative rock band. Though, they refer to themselves as orchestral pop-punk. They were influenced by band like Fall Out Boy and All Time Low, and gained a following through the main vocalists youtube channel. Band memebers include:
*Cody Carson - Vocals (2008–Present)*
*Dan Clermont - Guitar, backing vocals (2008–Present)*
*Zach DeWall - Guitar (2008–Present)*
*Austin Kerr - Bass (2008–Present)*
*Maxx Danziger - Drums (2010–Present)*
Boy: Did you see Set it off in warped tour?
Girl: Yeah, the lead singer really got into the song!
by Luvell October 27, 2013
To do summin crazy. This can be anything from a practical joke to even robbing a bank. Usually done in groups. {We gon' set it off} but an indivual can do it him/herself.
Loc dogg: Imma tru G. Dont mess wit loc dogg.
Cashier: Im not dening your locness but if you get this money im fired and then i wont have a reason to live. Besides this is a bookstore in Compton. Was this realli a smart idea.
Loc Dogg: O hell no. I kno whitey aint talking baq now. Imma set yo ass off. *shoots at books*
Cashier: Stop it, im going to get fired sir.
Loc Dogg: Mah man Jungle. Set him off loc.
Jungle's ak spits at cashier feet.
Cashier: You guys sure are funny. Kats dont kno who the hell i be "LOC". -puts out street sweeper-

u finish it im tired....sum of these words are cummin soon to urban dict by the Prince
by prince ingus April 12, 2005
to do something major, either something that can cause a huge disturbance or significance.
Manager: You ready for the audience?
Rapper: Yea, bout' to set it off mang.


(before attempting to rob a bank)
Criminal A: Let's do this.
Criminal B: Yea, lets set it off.
by IamUrban August 16, 2009